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The Successful Student Entrepreneur
The first and best audio/ebook course designed specifically for student entrepreneurs. Learn how to start your very own small business while still in school.
Price: $ 7
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The 7-Day Startup
The latest course released from TeenBiz showing student entrepreneurs how to start their own, successful online businesses without having to spend a cent for the online tools necessary to do so.
Price: $7
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Secrets of Lazy Smart Students
An incredible book that shows students how to make to dominate in the classroom so they have plenty of time to work on their business...instead of studying.
Price: $23
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Kids Business Ideas
An incredible list of 93 easy business ideas packed with earning potential that are perfeect to teens and students. Many of them can be started in a single afternoon! Created by a successful student entrepreneur and TeenBiz listener.
Price: $17
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