Solicit No Soliciting


Door-to-door sales are a great way to quickly make money but the problem is people get sick of these salesmen really really quickly...especially during summer! Here's a tip for you entrepreneurs our there, whenever you see that phrase, "but the problem is..." take notes. Someone is telling you something that could easily be turned into a business idea. In this case, sell no soliciting sign door-to-door.

People will find this so ironic they usually just smile and if you can make your sales pitch light and friendly many people will buy. This business idea is great for many reasons.

First, it requires literally no startup money. Find $10 and go buy three signs at the local hardware store. If they don't sell or if you decide after a few doors that this idea is not for you just take them back for a refund. Or sell the signs door to door with just the pictures and say they will be delivered that night, you just need to know how many to get. You won't sell as many because people are leery you are going to take the money and run but it is an option if you want to get the ball rolling without spending cash.

Find a small shoulder bag and carry the signs in that. It will look much more professional than a backpack or carrying them in your hand. Try to find a few varieties of signs so that your customers can have a choice of which ones they like the best. Have a few that you use as examples, you can even stick them right on the strap of your shoulder bag so they can see what you are up to right away and can laugh at the irony of it all.

Once you build a few hundred dollars of capital and you can see this may go somewhere, buy your signs on the internet. Some retailers will sell you signs for only a dollar a piece which means you make more money per sale or you sell more because you can lower your price a bit.

Decide on a good price that isn't too high. With door-to-door selling if you can make the same amount selling many at a lower price as you can selling only a few at a higher price I would recommend sticking with a lower price. Making lots of sales will keep your spirits up and give you a sense of accomplishment. If you are buying the signs for $3.50 try selling them for $10. If you sell one an hour you make $6.50 an hour whenever you need money. The funny thing is though, you can easily sell 3-4 an hour in the evenings.

Don't forget to have fun. If you have have any questions about this plog just post it as a comment to this blog entry. Don't forget to stopby next week for more new TeenBiz ideas.


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