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A good way to get business ideas is to take any old idea and then think of what you might need help with to get it started. Everyone that starts a business needs help advertising. If no one knows about your business then how in the world are they going to make any money? In this episode we are going to talk about three easy ways to make money by helping small, local business in their advertising efforts.

First we are going to talk about flyers. Small businesses like dance studios, dentists, or window washers use flyers very very often. A fee of $0.10 per flyer is not unreasonable because the only other way to get the flyer to the customer in that manner would be to send it through the mail which costs quite a bit. In fact, if they want only a certain area, type of home, or home with certain features like a pool for a pool cleaning company or missing shingles for a roofing business, you can charge even more per flyer because it will take you longer to get them out and there will be no wasted time or flyers. On average you will be able to get out 80-100 flyers and hour.

You can also pass out flyers in high foot-traffic areas. If you plan on doing this make sure you negotiate a fair price with the business you are advertising for because you can get out as many as 1000 an hour this way.

The second method is bulletin boards. Many businesses including copy shops and grocery stores already have a community boards that people and businesses can post short flyers on. Make a list of all the places in the community that offer these bulletin boards, if you find some business that don't have them talk to the manager about getting one put up. Once you have your list start heading to all the local businesses (especially smaller ones like piano lessons, window washers, or other specialty services) and make them your offer. "I can get an 8.5"x11" poster about your business hung in 25 stores throughout the city. Its $50 and I will make all the copies, just provide an original. " You go make some $0.50 color copies and end up making more than $35 for each business owner that agrees.

The final way to make money with local advertising is similar to the second. Business card stands only cost a few dollars and are available at stores like OfficeMax, Office Depot or even Wal-Mart. Approach managers and ask them if you can place a card stand on their front desk with business cards for related companies (not competitors but other businesses that could compliment theirs) . You may need to agree to a monthly fee for them to agree. For an example of how this works, you could approach hotel owners to see if you can put the stand in their lobby and then approach local restaurants that hotel guests might want to dine at. Tell these restaurants you can get their business cards on the desks of 10 local hotels for $20 a month. Each rack holds 10 cards so each set of racks will be worth $200 a month. Find a few complimentary businesses to do this with and you are set.

These ideas can be used separately or together with each other and are not only very simple, but require little or no money to start.


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