TeenBiz - 6/7/07

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Internet Business Basics

Step 1: Start Building a List
- Free Autoresponder
- AWeber
Step 2: Find products to sell
- RowsbyDog
- Special RowsbyDog Price for TeenBiz Listeners
Step 3: Create products to sell
- Sell on ClickBank
- Sell on PayDotCom
Step 4: Recurring Products (membership sites)
- Software aMember
- RowsbyDog: Affiliate Program

TeenBiz: The Course and The SSE findings
#1 – Affiliates are HUGE!
#2 – Launch is HUGE!
#3 – Give away free later to Build Your List

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bummer, i was looking forward to including your program ina few promotions!

haha nice podcast man, hopefully inspired the next john reese somewhere out there...

6:17 PM  

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