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New Podcast Format and Affiliate Product

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During the first week of 2007 we are launching the new affiliate product for all TeenBiz listeners to sell on their own websites or to friends or contacts that are interested in starting their own small businesses.

It's a powerfully simple and direct program that teaches a student step-by-step how to start a small business without spending a ton of money or having to quit a job they already have.

We have taken everything we know about small business and then done days of research to fill in the cracks to create this program.

What we need are a handful of TeenBiz listeners to check out the system (yes you will receive a free copy) and then provide a testimonial to feature on the website as well as any feedback you may have about the product.

Everyone that participates will get a free copy of the program and will also get their website address features below their name and testimonial on the website.

To sign up just send a quick email to and we will send you a copy later this week!

Also, the podcast will be totally revamped and will run 20-25 minutes with a few different segments. It will no longer be weekly because of the increased length but will definitely be worth the wait for each episode! See you in a couple weeks!


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