TeenBiz - 12/1/07

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6 Reasons to Include a Phone Number on Your Site

1-It shows you are legit
2-It gives computer illeterate visitors an easy way to contact you
3-Lets the "internet scared" offline ordering options
4-Tells your customers you aren't afraid to talk to them
5-Answers question on the phone is almost always faster than email
6-Builds business communication skills

Ways to Use Camtasia in Your Business

-Teaching, create video tutorial products to sell
-Selling, take visitors on tour of your products selling points
-Supper, startup and troubleshooting guides to helps buyers

When a Need is Not Demanded

Sometimes, just because something is needed, doesn't mean that it is demanded

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Anonymous ziggy2get69 said...

I just explored your blog and want to give you kudos on a job well done! It’s obvious you are committed to creating financial freedom by using the Internet as a tool.

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