Tipset #1


(podcast notes)


Be ready to work hard…
All day passing out flyers at first
Unless you have an amazing product or service you will need to work hard to make your business work…

Don’t be afraid to fail
Some will find their niche on the first try, most will not..
Take each failure as a chance to learn, sit down and review everything you did

Commit 100%, don’t just try to do it casually
This will make you want to make it work
One summer I tried half and half with another job, not until I put all my time into one thing did I succeed.

Take it in steps, don’t expect to start working on Monday and be making hundreds of dollars a day by Friday
-Door to door, no equipment
-Flyers, door to door, no equipment
-Flyers, door to door , equipment
-Money Mailer, Valpak, equipment
-MM VP efficient equipment, more income
-Return customers, Referrals

Test test test
When advertising try everything to see what works best
-Time of day you put out flyers
-Color of flyers
-Door approaches
-What you wear
-Formal vs Casual approaches

Like I said this is the first of many tipsets so take this list, let it sink in try to apply them and get ready for the next idea coming up later this week.


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