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I have realized that all we have talked about as far as advertising goes is flyers, valpak, and door-to-door. So in the next blog and podcast we are going to have a whole episode about different advertising ideas. For today though, we have a great idea to talk about.

Every year there are 15,500 house fires cause by lint build-up in dryer vents. The problem is no one thinks of lint build-up as a problem. The trick to this idea is to first of all create the need for the potential customer and second, present a price for a service to solve this problem that matches the need created. The bigger the need is that you create, the more you can charge for this service.

In total dryer vent cleaning takes about 15-30 minutes. I would recommend the LintEater system because it is inexpensive, works like a charm, and is very easy to use. The downside to this idea is the cost to get started. Compared to other ideas the $100 required to get this business of the ground is miniscule: but it is required. Here is a simple way to try this idea out without startup money.

First, read all you can about dryer fires on the internet. Become an expert in the field, even a small amount of knowledge will put you lightyears ahead of the general population. Go door to door with the pitch that you will be in their neighborhood next week cleaning dryer vents and schedule a time for them at least a week in advance. Once you have 5 or so appointments this will guarantee that your investment in the equipment will be covered once you get started. Buy the items on a credit card and then use your first day’s earnings to pay it off.

I have not worked with this idea much but here are a few things I have discovered…
1) Use the term “dryer and vent servicing” or something similar when you pitch your idea door to door. This sounds much more extensive than just cleaning a vent. To service a dryer just use the horse hair brush that comes with the LintEater system to pull out as much lint as you can, it takes only a few extra minutes.
2) Stress the benefits; protection from house fire, faster drying times, and a smaller electric bill.
3) Look professional at the door when going door to door; when discussing servicing expensive appliances they need to trust you.

This will actually be a real-time case study because this week I am going to spend 5-10 hours trying out this business idea and will report on my further findings in the next blog and podcast.


Anonymous Joe said...

Very unique ideas in all of your podcasts. I'm really enjoying what you've done so far. Some of the more internet savvy entrepreneurs might want to try their hand at web design. It is very lucrative, and all they would need is a decent computer and some technical chops.

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