At-Home Oil Change

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At-Home Oil Changes

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What needs to happen every 3,000 miles with your vehicle? An oil change, right? How many of you forget or only remember to get your oil changed when you don’t have time? I do nearly every 3,000 mile cycle and so do thousands of other people. There are a few companies that already do this but most focus mainly or fleets of cars and trucks for larger companies instead of the household. The niche here is to go right to people’s homes and change their oil in the driveway.

What You Need
-You first need to know how to change your own oil. It really is not that difficult to learn but knowing how to do it on many different types of cars and trucks (especially older ones) will take some time and research. EHow has a good article available here.
-You can use ramps or a jack and jack stands. I would recommend jack stands because they are easier and faster
-A way to figure out which type of oil and oil filter are required for each vehicle. This can be done by doing a quick web search for each car you have to change or by reading the owners manual once you get there and returning with the parts later.
-An oil filter wrench, Rags, Oil Pan, Funnel, a larger oil holding container

How It’s Done
-Once again, flyers are the way to advertise this time but professional, COLOR flyers are the key. Remember, professional does not mean fancy. It can mean simple and plain but make it look like nice. Example, IPOD ads, simple but professional. They have to be professional because these people are trusting you with their car and they have to immediately sense that trust.
-Once you have capital built up definitely do ValPak or MoneyMailer. Why? Even though your service may only cost $40 you can create repeat customers that you can go back to every couple of months (if you do a good job the first time)
-When you get your first job, do a quick web search and find out which motor oil and oil filter the vehicle will need (make sure you get the make, model, etc for the vehicle)
-Roll up, jack up the car, slip the jack stands under, change the oil, do something extra (like wash their windshield or something that they will notice), and then leave something as a reminder for their next change (like a air freshener with the mileage or date then need their next oil change at)

Other Resources
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