Part Timers

Two simple, part-time ideas especially for students and the report on dryer vent cleaning.

Sorry this episode is a bit belated, the weekend held more than expected and I needed an extra day or two to finish up some projects.

First, the results of the Dryer Vent Cleaners experiment. I started with basic flyers to get an idea of what kind of return I would get on was poor to say the least. I got two calls from 500 flyers. That was expected, now I tried something new to compare to that. I made a flyer that offered "free dryer vent safety checks" and then the option, if THEY felt it was necessary to have them cleaned for $35. I checked lots of vents and got a lot of sales! About 1 in 4 vents I checked let me clean them, 1 in 4 doors let me check, and half the people answered.
100 flyers, 50 doors answered, 14 let me check thier vents, 4 let me clean them. Over all I spent 1 hour passing out flyers and 3 hours knocking doors making a total of $140 in 4 hours.

A few more tips on advertising that I want to stress after the dryer vent cleaning project. Offer something free! People like free stuff like a free vent safety check. Show them what is in it for them. Show them that this vent check could be what protects their family from a devastating fire, no obligation, no reason not to.

If you any more information on this project just post a comment to this blog entry.

The two ideas that any student can do.
First, funeral housesitting. This is the easiest job to complete and easiest to advertise for in the world. You open up the newspaper each day, check the obituaries, look up who each deceased person was "survived by," call them and say "I was wondering if you would be interested in having someone housesit your home during the funeral to prevent buglaries from taking advantage of your situation," charge a modest fee, and then go sit and do your homework for 5 hours while the family is gone. The only trick is working around your schedule so try to keep a couple mornings a week open to do this.
Second, vacation housesitting. This is not a live-in job but just a checkup job. During the early weeks of summer when everyone goes on big family trips and around the holidays when everyone departs once again, offer a housesitting/watching service for the neighborhood. Tell them you will feed their pets, bring in their mail/newspaper, water inside plants, and do a nightly patrol through the neighborhood twice each night to watch for suspicious activity. Charge them $20 a day, get 10 homes to do it and you are making $200 a day for as long as they are on vacation.

I am going to keep this entry a bit short because I want to share an idea I did this last month to earn some extra cash around the other jobs I was trying. It's not for the germophobics out there and takes a little more capital to start but I will share some ways around the latter and talk about the ways I got people to buy in.


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