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Home Winterization Inc.

Every homeowner needs to take certain preventive maintainance step each fall call home winterization. Nearly everyone knows that certain things need to be done to prepare you home for winter but rarely if ever do homeowners get around to taking care of these small but important projects.

The service you can offer is simply a complete home winterization service which could include the following…

  • Check the furnace filter, replace if necessary
  • Check all the windows in the home, inspect the caulking for wear and deterioration. Use caulk to fix holes if necessary.
  • Check all doors for old, worn out weather stripping, replace if necessary
  • Clean the old leaves and junk our of the gutters and downspouts
  • Check gutters for leaks that could drip onto porches and sidewalks and cause ice
  • Trim long, overhanging and dead branches off trees that could break under the weight of ice or snow.
  • Check the foundation for gaps and cracks
  • Prune shrubs for protection against snow and ice
  • Check for loose shingles
  • Check the flashing around the chimney for any gaps and to be sure it’s watertight
  • Check attic for poor insulation and drafts

    Right there you have, let’s see, about a dozen things you can inspect. Each one carries a few different pieces that need inspection. Once you break it down you could have a 25-30 point home winterization inspection/repair job. You can easily charge $100-$150 for this because I did it last year.

    It took me about 2-3 hour to do a complete check depending on how many repairs I did. I simply offered a complete checkup that included repairs at no extra cost. I think that one line got me many jobs because so many people are afraid of people coming over and then scamming them into thinking they needs tons of repairs. The repairs needed for winterization or minimal. For exampmle, a new fiberglass disposable furnace filter costs about $5 a piece and caulk needed for an entire home will be only a few dollars.

    The supplies you will need are a ladder to get to the gutter and roof. Caulk and caulk gun. I would bring a tool set with you just in case you need it and if you have a tool belt, wear it. You will look 10x more legit with a tool belt.

    That’s it, home winterization is simple, everyone knows they need to do it but few people get around to taking care of it. I would just do flyers and door to door for this one. If you have the money to get a ValPak or Money Mailer out before the window closes for the need for home winterization then go for it, this would be an ideal ValPak business. High individual cost and huge need. Best of luck!


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    no podcast today?

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    Blogger Dr G said...

    Sorry it was a bit late, I just posted it! Enjoy!

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    haha right on man, these things are addicting

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