TeenBiz: The Host - Gregg Blanchard

Who I Am
I love small business, I love running my own business, and I love learning, sharing, and improving my skills when it comes to internet marketing, small business, entrepreneurship, and other aspects of running a small business.

My Main Business
I started Second Nature Snowmaking in 2005 and since have been able to double the total income each year since. Largely internet based, it has not only been a perfect income for a student, it has given me real-time access to test and implement marketing principles.

What Else I Do
I also do freelance web design work for small businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, I love helping people with unique, talents, and skills start their own small business around their abilities to generate a part-time income.

I spend about 10 hours a week with a small software company in Northern Utah where I am responsible for the internet marketing; including web design, search engine optimization, newsletter marketing, and more.


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