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Pros and cons of web design as a business and a discussion on small business advertising.

Dryer vent cleaning service is going well, there will be a full update on Saturday when I give the final results.

There was a comment posted on the web site about doing web design. I have done in the past, a total of probably12 sites, it’s a good idea but let me do tell you some quick pros and cons…

-High demand, everyone needs a webpage because consumers expect it
-High pay, updates go for at least $25/hr aside from initial setup fee

-Still competition, lots of low cost companies
-Once you start, you gotta stick with it, each organization may need updates indefinitely

-Go local, get to the businesses that know they need it but haven’t started looking yet
-They will like dealing with someone locally
-Build a portfolio of pages that you can show off

What I Might Try
-Do things simply in HTML, use tags to identify beginnings and ends of things that would need updating, create an html handbook and train them to do updates themselves to save money

Ok on to advertising…
Start with the basics.
-Be unique and original, find examples and see what catches your eye and try it
-Color vs. Black and White, color is best but most expensive
-Size, half of an 8.5” x 11” seems to be a very efficient size
-Put flyers everywhere; grocery store lines, bulletin boards, post office box sets, get out as many as you can but also try to get them to a target audience as much as possible
Door to Door
-In my opinion, it won’t take long before door to door sales are almost non existent
-People don’t like to be sold to
-Make them trust you, don’t sound corporate, sound like their helpful neighbor
-Announce your visit with flyers so they know who you are and when you are coming
-Keep your approach fresh, don’t let it get stale
Flyers and Door to Door is not a permanent advertising solution it’s a step towards someone else doing it for you
ValPak and Money Mailer
-30,000 color flyers for $500 and you don’t have to pass out a thing!
-Newspaper ads, do your prospective customers read the newspaper
-Car Decals, advertise wherever you drive
-T-shirts, advertise wherever you walk
-Stickers, think of places you can tag
Leave Something behind if you want to return
-At-home car washing service, leave an air freshener with your contact info on it
Walk a day in your customers’ shoes think of what they will see and where you can put your ads and flyers along their way
Be creative, try new things, have fun, keep a record or what works and what doesn’t!

That’s all for today, post comments, questions or remarks about this episode on the blog page at teenbiz.blogspot.com and we’ll see you in a few days!


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