TipSet #4

TipSet #4
Designing Killer Flyers

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Many of the small businesses you start can benefit from a simple, well designed flyer. Whether they are posted on doors, cars, or handed out one-by-one, a good looking handbill can really boost your business.

6 Tips for Designing Professional Flyers
1) Color
-Black and White may be cheaper but Color gets customers
-For the time it takes to hand them out it is worth it to do it in color
2) 2 Fonts Only
-Resist the urge to use lots and lots of different fonts
-Make sure the two you choose compliment each other
3) Avoid Times, Arial, etc.
-Professional ads don’t use fonts people are sick of
-I write papers in Times, I hate papers, don’t write an ad you want me to like in Times
4) A Call to Action w/ Expiration
-An offer, “50% if you call by 11/12/06”
-“Call today and save $25”
5) Show Them What’s in it for Them
-Create a need in them, “Don’t have time to make it to your kid’s soccer games?”
-Don’t just tell them what you do, tell them what they will be getting
6) Headline
-Not too big but noticeable
-Attention getter, “17,000 house fires are caused by dryers each year!”
7) Picture
-Relevant! Professional quality
-Make it big enough to see
8) Size…Half Sheet Works
-Half sheet works better than quarter size
-Full page looks too much like it came right from your home printer
9) If you Can Say it in Fewer Words…Say it in Fewer Words!
-Don’t waste their time
-5 Second Rule, make sure that in 5 second they know exactly what your flyer is about


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