Free Web Traffic and List Building Tools

We have received some emails recently regarding the best ways to get free traffic to you site. While free traffic often doesn't convert as well there is one new method you may want to try...

Instant Buzz Toolbar
Instant Buzz is the brainchild of Mike Filsaime, one of the most trusted internet marketers around. Basically, you put a small bar at the top of your browser that shows a short text ad, every page you visit earns you credits that you can use to have your own ad displayed!

Traffic Swarm
Similar to instant buzz, another simple way to earn some free advertising credits.

We have also had questions regarding the best way to quickly build your email list. Giveaways (you give away a free product if they join your list) are a common way to get a list quickly started. Some recent ones to join...

Viral Marketing Giveaway
Brett Ingram's VMG6 is the latest in a long line of quality giveaways.

Marketing Central Giveaway
Another giveaway you can use to build your list.

PLR Wolf's Giveaway
Not as popular as the others but still nice.

PLR Vault Giveaway
We personally used this one with surprisingly good results.

Hopefully these help, if you have any questions, email us at teenbizideas [at]!