The Greatest Product You Could Ever Sell

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In this podcast we talk about two products. One that will make you many times more money than the other. The difference between the two is not large and you may find that you have been selling the wrong product for weeks, months or even years!

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July Free Business Idea #4 (of 4) + TeenBiz: The Course!

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Idea #4: Make $20 Over and Over Again

Wanna make money while you make money? That is the 4th business idea for the month of July! Tell people about TeenBiz: The Course v2.0 that is officially named "The 7-Day Startup" and every time someone you sent to the site places an make $20. Send emails to friends, put a link on your blog, put ads on whatever you want, every time someone get 75% of the profits. Click here for details:

Secret Hidden Link for TeenBiz Listeners

The price for the 7-Day Startup is $27...but here's a little secret that is exclusive for TeenBiz listeneres. When you visit the website ( click on the little house made of folded $50 dollar bills at the top...instead of paying $27 you will only pay $9! It doesn't look like a link, its just the top banner, but I stuck a hidden link in there so that TeenBiz listeners could get a sweet deal.

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