Merry Christmas...Free Video!

It's Christmas time, the time for giving. So we decided to share a freebie with you that really is something special. Many of you may have heard of StomperNet, they are famous for some pretty rad free content. Well, they've done it again with their "Going Natural 2.0" me, they are well worth the time it takes to watch them. So, we didn't create the content, but we are telling you about it...that counts as a gift...right?

What you learn from these videos:
-How to double conversions
-How to double traffic
-How a visitors eyes move around your page
-How to create a smooth course for your visitors eyes
-How to make your page better...period

Stuff this good shouldn't be free...but it is! So here is the link:

Free Videos:

Hope you enjoy, best of luck with your businesses and Merry Christmas!

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TeenBiz - 12/17/07

3 "Secrets" To Becoming an Expert in Your Field

(or right click here and select "save target as..." to download)

-No one our age reads books, if you do, you'll be ahead of the pack
-The E-Myth: Michael Gerber

-Subscribe to a couple but not too many, don't bog yourself down
-Dim Bulb

-Great if you can find you on your field, learn on the go
-Internet Business Mastery

Tell us the story of your business and we may feature it on an upcoming show. Email us your story to teenbizideas AT Happy Holidays!

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New, Free Productivity Tool - Toggl

I had been looking for something like this for a while. An online time tracking program that would help me see where I am spending most of my time and also help me track the time I spend working on design and marketing projects for clients. I found a few, self-hosted systems and pricey options but nothing that really worked for my needs.

Then a week and a half ago I found Toggl, a free, web-based time tracking service.

They aren't paying me to say a word of this by the way, this is something I absolutely needed and their product fit my needs like a glove. Tracking my time has helping me immensely in a few ways.

First, knowing that it is tracking my time for a specific project helps be stay on task and focus on that one project. No more skipping to YouTube every few minutes to watch another vid.

Second, I can look back and see where I am spending all my time and evaluate if my time could be better spend elsewhere. Sometimes, I get into a mode where I don't realize how much time passes, like when I am deep into a site design project.

Third, it helps me break down my "to do" list. Knowing I will be working on one task as a time forces me to break up my list (either in my head or written down) into managable, measurable parts so I can take them one at a time and don't get overwhelmed with all the things I need to do.

We're students, and we don't have a lot of time; tools like Toggl will help you make better use of the time you have.


TeenBiz - 12/1/07

(or right click here and select "save target as..." to download)

6 Reasons to Include a Phone Number on Your Site

1-It shows you are legit
2-It gives computer illeterate visitors an easy way to contact you
3-Lets the "internet scared" offline ordering options
4-Tells your customers you aren't afraid to talk to them
5-Answers question on the phone is almost always faster than email
6-Builds business communication skills

Ways to Use Camtasia in Your Business

-Teaching, create video tutorial products to sell
-Selling, take visitors on tour of your products selling points
-Supper, startup and troubleshooting guides to helps buyers

When a Need is Not Demanded

Sometimes, just because something is needed, doesn't mean that it is demanded

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