Let There Be Lights

Let There Be Lights

Inexpensive, quick home light decorating

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Basic Idea
People want to put up light but they just don’t have the time or money to hire a professional service. You show up on their doorstep with lights in hand and offer to decorate the home for a low price.

How Much To Charge
String of Lights Costs about $5.00
Don’t mark up the cost of the lights much or At All
Tell Them You Will Decorate Their House and Trees, whatever they want for $40+ cost of lights, you can it in 30 minutes if you work quick

What You Will Need
Light Clips
Cheap Extension Chords You Can Include in Cost

None, just door to door, Word of Mouth
Neighbors Will See You (wear matching somethings so they know you are not just a random group of people)


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