White Christmas Inc.

White Christmas Inc.

Making snow for the holidays

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This idea is thanks to Second Nature Snowmaking.

Buy just the plans, inexpensive way to get started…total cost, $75

How snowmaking works
-Compressed air creates an ultra-fine mist and as air expands it freezes the mist to create snow
-A very fine mist from a pressure washer is introduced to freeze onto the original mist to multiply output

Snowmaking requires an air compressor and pressure washer
Borrow both to get started so you can practice whenever it is cold enough

Practice a few times before you do your first job

For the jobs, rent the equipment from Home Depot, use two snowmaking machines

You can charge upwards of $100-$150 an hour for this service!

They have lots of stuff to help you get started.


Anonymous Joe said...

Is there an affiliate program for Second Nature? Looks like a good niche to play around with.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no podcast this week? finals taking over your life lol?

11:06 AM  

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